Frequently Asked Questions

Complaints FAQ

What types of complaints can be reported to the Call Centre?

  • Inappropriate treatment or care
  • Inappropriate behaviour by a healthcare facility
  • Poor quality healthcare service provided by a healthcare establishment
  • Unsatisfactory management of a complaint by a healthcare establishment

Who can report complaints to the Call Centre?

All members of the public, healthcare users and anyone on behalf of a relative, a minor or any other person.

When to lodge a complaint trough the Call Centre?

Lodge your complaint with the relevant healthcare facility verbally or in writing. Healthcare facilities are expected to follow the complaints management protocol in resolving your complaint. If the complaint is still not resolved or when you are dissatisfied with the outcome/resolution provided by the healthcare facility, then refer your complaint to the Call Centre. Complaint should have occurred within 2 years.

Does the Health Ombud have a relationship with other investigatory bodies?

Yes, HPCSA, SANC, SAHRC, PPSA, amongst others. The Ombud can refer or receive referrals from these bodies. He can also collaborate with them during an investigation.

How long is the investigation process?

The investigation process and the resolution of the complaint will take approximately six (6) months but can, in some cases, take up to two (2) years. You will however, be informed of the progress of the investigation process.

How can I appeal against decisions of the Health Ombud?

Any person aggrieved by any decision or any findings and recommendations of the Office of Health Standards Compliance or Ombud in relation to a matter regulated by the National Health Amendment Act, or a person acting on his or her behalf, may within 30 days of him or her gaining knowledge of the decision, lodge a written appeal with the Minister of Health. The Minister of Health must, upon receipt of the appellant’s written appeal-

  • Appoint an independent Ad Hoc Tribunal
  • Submit the appeal to the Tribunal for adjudication in the prescribed manner

The Tribunal must consist of not more than three persons, of whom

  • One must be a person who is a retired judge of a High Court or a retired Magistrate, whom must be the Chairperson; and
  • Two must be persons appointed on account of their knowledge of the healthcare industry.

Tribunal may confirm, set aside or vary the decision of the Office of Health Standards Compliance or Ombud; and must notify the parties of its decision.